Venetian Brass Leg Cup
Venetian Brass Leg Cup

Venetian Brass Leg Cup


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Venetian Brass Leg Cup. Furniture Leg caps - Height 62mm. 55mm internal diameter across the top of the cup. Includes wood screws for the bottom of the cup. See CAD drawing.

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Venetian Brass Leg Cup, which can be fitted to wooden furniture legs using wood screws. Leg cups, also known as leg caps, provide a stylish alternative to brass castors. Use instead of castors on legs for furniture, sofas, tables, chairs and beds. This is a large, round quality manufactured solid brass leg cap with a traditional design. Widely used throughout the furniture industry by furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and interior designers.

The leg caps are used with furniture legs to create stylish embellishments. A popular replacement for castors or instead of castors on chairs and sofas. Standard wood screws are included free with each cup, so all you need is a screwdriver to securely fit them to furniture legs through recessed holes at the bottom of the cup. The screws cannot be seen when fitted.

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