Tailors Shears
Tailors Shears
Tailors Shears - Mundial - 12 Inch

Tailors Shears


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High quality tailors shears for upholstery, art and crafts - Available through 8, 10 & 12 Inch. Professional level precision cutting and design.

Highest quality tailors shears for upholstery with variable lengths available. The Prym professional tailoring shears have Solingen steel blades, hot-forged and individually hand-sharpened and tested to exacting German standards. These premier cutting tools have black laquered steel handles and are expertly crafted.

A varying length range of soft handled tailors shears made with Japanese steel blades also provides premium quality. This range includes a scissor with an angled blade to provide maximum visibility and accuracy for upholsterers and dressmakers when cutting long straight lines

The 8, 10 & 12 inch Mundial are nickel plated blades with black laquered steel handles and of exceptional quality.

Professional tailors shears offer maximum precision and cutting accuracy from the screw joint to the tip regardless of the fabric being cut. Ergonomically shaped handles improve the ease of use and reduce fatigue. Even with intensive use, the high calibre screw and thread mechanism on the cross section prevents them working loose and therefore guarantees the same high quality cut over a longer lifecycle for the shears. Further, the blades are forged and ground by specialists to ensure that squeezing or crushing the fabric is not possible.</a></a>

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