Sofa Bun Feet
Sofa Bun Feet - Mahogany Finish - Set of 4
Sofa Bun Feet

Sofa Bun Feet


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Sofa Bun Feet for Sofas, Settees, Chesterfields and Large Chairs - Set of 4 - Fitted with a dowel screw and supplied with a T Nut for easy fixing. Height 43mm, Width 125mm.

These traditional, hardwood, quality wooden sofa bun feet can be used to replace damaged feet and castors on sofas, or to change the style of your furniture. Larger and heavier than standard bun feet and ideal for substantial sofas or settees. 43mm in height. Available in natural or mahogany finish, and provided in a set of four complete with metal dowel and T nut fittings.

This set of wooden legs is fitted with 8mm (UK) diameter metal dowel screws as standard. Please use the first drop down box to select your legs, and the second drop down box to choose the screw size to match the existing fitting embedded in your furniture. 8mm (UK) will fit the vast majority of furniture. You may prefer 10mm (European) or 5/16 (United States).

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