Semi Circular Needles - Pack of 3 Needles - 2, 4, 5 Inch
Semi Circular Needle - 4 Inch x 17 Gauge
Semi Circular Needles

Semi Circular Needles


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Semi Circular Needles for upholstery and crafts - Mattress needles or Curved needles. In packs or individual needles.

These semi circular, high-quality, upholstery needles come in a range of sizes and are very sharp at one end. The larger sizes are best suited for stitching twine or when sewing in bridle ties. The smaller sizes are commonly used for ladder stitching and other more intricate work. Ideal for a wide range of crafts.

For clarity, 3 Inch x 19 Gauge would be 3 Inches long and is a thin needle, 6 Inch x 15 Gauge would be longer and thicker, for heavier work. These are quality needles manufactured in England.

High-quality upholsterers needles are also available in a 3-pack (German Manufactured) and 4-pack (Manufactured in England). These needles are often referred to as curved needles or mattress needles.</a></a>

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