White - 5000m Reel
Off White - 5000m Reel
Beige - 5000m Reel
Fawn - 5000m Reel
Light Brown - 5000m Reel
Brown - 5000m Reel
Dark Red - 5000m Reel
Dark Green - 5000m Reel
Navy - 5000m Reel
Grey - 5000m Reel

Perma Core Upholstery Thread


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Key Features

Higher tensile strength over spun polyester threads

Excellent sew ability and ply strength

Good seam strength and abrasion resistance

Very good colour fastness

Available in different colours


5000 metre reel - 36s

More info

Perma Core is a high performance core spun thread stronger than any other spun thread construction.

This thread is suitable for manual and automatic sewing machines and ideal for mattresses, upholstery, canvas and tents.

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