An Easy DIY Guide to Attaching Furniture Legs

Here are some simple ways to securely attach our range of legs with standard industry fittings to any size and style of furniture, including DIY pieces or most IKEA ranges. 


Norse Fixing Plates

These are perfect for securely mounting wooden legs onto your sofas, chairs, cabinets and other pieces in an easy way — they're suitable for most furniture frames.

Measure both the width and depth of the underside of your frame to ensure the plate can be screwed directly into the wood. The plate measures 79mm x 79mm, and screws of 35mm in length are provided. Once the plate is fitted, simply screw an 8mm dowel  directly into the hole in the centre of the plate.  

Norse Fixing Plates are available in both angled and straight options. The angled fixing plate is set at eight degrees, and will turn straight tapered legs into angled ones. 



Universal & Angled Fixing plates

Universal Fixing Plate

Universal Fixing Plates are great for reinforcing weak or loose legs and can be attached to any size of furniture including chairs, settees, chesterfield sofas and most corner frames.

They're an ideal solution for repairing furniture — for example. if your sofa is damaged and missing a threaded nut, or the T-Nuts have wiggled loose and won't stay in place. This fixing plate is also a solid option for DIY projects — offering a very secure way to  reinforce your own furniture or to customize pieces such as an IKEA Kallax, Malm, and Ivar, adding legs to kitchen cabinets, etc. 

Angled Leg Fixing Plate

Suitable for the vast majority of frames, our Angled Plates slant at 12.5 degrees, and turn a straight tapered leg into a stylish angled accent leg.

To install simply check the underside of the frame of where you'll be fitting the leg to ensure the plate can be screwed directly into the wood, checking the width and depth of the frame. The plate is 60mm on all sides.

A nut is welded to the top side of a plate to provide added strength when the leg is screwed in.


Screws are provided (35mm in length) with both our angled and universal fixing plates, so all you will need is a screwdriver. Once the plate is fitted, you can then just screw in any wooden legs from Heritage Components, with an 8mm for universal plate and 8mm or 10mm dowel screw for angled plates, directly through the hole in the centre of the plate by hand. 


Other Furniture Fixings

The simplest way to add wooden legs or castor to a piece of furniture is by using T-Nuts, D-Nuts or D-Nuts with a flange.


M8 T-Nut used with an 8mm dowel screw

When selecting T-Nuts, be sure to check the existing fittings embedded in your furniture. Get metal dowel screws that are the same diameter as the opening on the T-Nuts. If you purchase a set of wooden legs from our site you will receive complimentary  T-Nuts included in your package.


A D-Nut is used to fix wooden legs and castors to furniture from underneath — an alternative solution if you cannot access the inside of the furniture or if the frame is too thick. These are ideal for fixing kitchen table legs, kitchen furniture and divan beds.

M8 D-Nut fittings used with an 8mm dowel screw.

D-Nut with Screw Flange

Available as an alternative to the T-Nut and D-Nut, where an additional screw fixing is preferred through the countersunk holes on the flange of the nut. A solid option for fitting legs from underneath the furniture — simply push into a hole and use screws around the edge to screw into the frame of the furniture. Provides a secure solution for fitting legs and feet to your chairs, sofas, beds and other furniture.

D-Nut with screw flange used with an 8mm dowel screw.

Free Samples Metal Dowel Screw Fixings

If you would like to use the existing fittings in your furniture, but you are unsure about the size, then check out our free samples of metal dowel screw fixings. One of the three sample sizes will be a match for almost all furniture worldwide, including from IKEA, DFS, top department stores, and even bespoke pieces from independent manufacturers of high-end furniture. Simply check under your furniture to see if it has a screw fixing for your existing legs or feet. As a general rule UK customers will have an 8mm fitting, many European customers a 10mm fitting, and the majority of customers in the United States a 5/16 fitting. There are exceptions in each area, and this sample pack enables you to quickly check which size is suitable for you, before you order.


If you have any questions mounting any of our legs, please get in touch with our customer service team directly. You can call our team at (+44) 1522 685974 or email at