Authentic Rubber Pirelli Webbing for Quality Furniture

Heritage Components is pleased to offer authentic, high quality natural rubber Pirelli webbing to our customers, at the best price available on the market. Used in high grade furniture, and used by upholsterers for a wide array of classic chair and sofa reupholstery projects, including Ercol, Parker Knoll, and G-Plan. It is the ideal replacement for worn or damaged seat webbing in all kinds of quality furniture. This authentic rubber Pirelli webbing comes in two widths and in Black or Beige. Sourced directly from the same group who originally manufactured it in the early 1950s. The company was known as Pirelli GRG Division (General Rubber Goods) in the 1950s, and was created in order to find a commercial outlet for the high quantities of surplus rubber produced in the Pirelli Tyre Division. Having undergone a number of company name changes since then, the webbing is still manufactured in the same way in the same small town as it was originally. Rubber Pirelli Webbing   This is the high quality webbing you will see when reupholstering classic furniture from the 50s and 60s, and the same webbing still used today by quality furniture manufacturers such as Ercol. There are many fakes or replicas on the market today, but you can buy the real thing with confidence. With over 60 years of history in the furniture industry, and still as popular today with furniture manufacturers, this premium product is brought to you by Heritage Components at the best price on the market. A range of fixings is also available including, A-Hooks, B-Hooks, Backing Plates and Staples. Everything you need to repair your classic furniture is available.

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