Feng Shui Basics: How to position your rooms in your home

When we moved into our home the previous owner introduced me to Feng Shui. We were stood in the room that was to be my office and my mind was putting my desk up against the wall, it is the way my mind thinks. She offered a suggestion. By putting the desk facing the door with the two walls as a nest for my back, she instantly made me feel more powerful and safe all at the same time, and there wasn’t even any furniture in there yet. This Feng Shui thing she spoke of; I was now hooked. Physical space can really affect your mood and your life. This blog aims to help you transform your home into a happier, tranquil and more productive environment. Colours: It is surprising how much colour can play with your mood and even how you are feeling. Icy blue does literally make it feel colder for example. Take a look at these brief descriptions for each colour:
  • White: Clean and vibrant. Has a tendency to feel cold so use sparingly.
  • Red: High energy, passionate and powerful. Great for upholstery or the dining room.
  • Orange: Enthusiastic and creative. Great for blankets or pillows.
  • Black: Independent and powerful. Ideal for picture frames but overwhelming for anything else.
  • Green: Healing, safe and peaceful. Perfect for the bedroom or bathroom.
  • Blue: Trustworthy, loyal and confident. Looks good in the bedroom or for accents around the house.
  • Yellow: Cheerful and mentally stimulating. Ideal in the kitchen.
  • Purple: Wealthy, romantic and motivating. A bedroom colour.

These are just the general settings for these colours and each colour has its own palette that can make you feel one way or another. Notice how the various tones make you feel and mix and match. Use the colours to your advantage.

Screenshot 2014-01-27 10.42.33 Furniture: Like my story above, most people put things up against the wall when it comes to furniture. This is quote the opposite of what you should do. It creates negative energy and dead space. What you are striving to achieve with each room in your home is a flow of energy and one way to work towards this is to understand that everything doesn’t need to be symmetrical. Balance is more important than symmetry. So you ask, how do I create balance? There is no simple answer to that question. Try to think outside the box and don’t decorate in a conventional way. Mix up your furniture with lots of variety between age and texture. With your furniture use the following guide:
  • Strong, independent look: Look for oval, and arch shapes with granite, marble or flagstone.
  • Leadership: Incorporate artwork with sunshine or natural light with pyramids, silk or wool.
  • If you like order: Try to find designs that are logical such as squares, rectangles, ceramic or brick.
  • Creative type? Wood is your best friend with floral upholstery, drapes and pillars.
  • Spiritual mood: Integrate water glass and mirrors.
Tip: Do not over do any element. Balance is the key to it being effective. Light: Light contributes a lot to the balance in your home. The simple act of cleaning your windows on the outside can transform a room. Curtains are cosy and blinds feel great in an office. Sounds and smells: You need to please all your senses in your home and sound and smell can have quite an impact upon you and your visitors. Here are some tips:
  • Play calming music throughout the day.
  • Add a fountain to your room or bathroom.
  • Add a chime to your porch.
  • Light candles, incense or oils throughout the day. A candle in the bathroom will make you and your guests feel much more comfortable and the lighting from candles creates such a calming atmosphere.
You need to remember that your home is your sanctuary. It is where you need to feel most at home. Make these simple changes today and see how it can change your mood towards your home. Thanks to Avia Venefica for picture.

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