How to decorate with throws and pillows

Think about when you walk into a home that doesn’t have throws or pillows. You can’t snuggle under a blanket when it gets a little cold and you can’t cuddle a pillow when you feel like you have eaten too much food for dinner. Pillows and throws can make or break a living room and it is so simple to upgrade your look time and time again with this simple accessory.  Here are our top tips on how to decorate with throws and pillows. 1)   Matching pillows: This is very important. If you sofa or easy chair comes with a matching pillow, give it away to charity immediately. There is nothing chic about matching patterns on your sofa and your pillows. You can keep one or two of these matching pillows so long as you bunch them in with other decorative pillows. By mixing it up, you will pull your room together and show off your superb taste. cushions 2)   Avoid repetition: If you have a heavily patterned piece of furniture in the room, avoid repeating the pattern with your pillows, as it will look over the top. Using the colours in the pattern is just fine, and block colours or lightly patterned pillows look great. Don’t overwhelm your room; your visitors may get dizzy. 3)   Colour: Cushions are a great way to add a pop of colour to a neutral palette and one way you can bring your room together is to design the pillows and drapes in a similar colour theme. Take a look at our Feng Shui introduction blog. Orange is a great colour to use for this purpose, adding not only colour but warmth to your space. The solid colours will also look fab. 4)   Patterns: If you are a fan of patterns then pick a patterned cushion or throw that matches another colour in your room. For example, if your curtains are a deep red, make sure the pattern has that same deep red colour. This will hold your room together perfectly. 5)   Shopping: Grab a colour palette from the local BnQ or DIY shop and pick out your colours exactly, taking them with you everywhere you go. You may think your mind will remember the exact colour but it is better to be safe than sorry. A pillow that isn’t quite right can ruin the overall effect of your room. Do you have any ideas from your experience with decorating? Share your pictures with us or give us your ideas over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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