How to choose a colour scheme in your home

When you move into a new home or embark on a makeover of your existing home, it can be really hard to decide on a colour scheme. The colour scheme you decide on will either make your room feel warm and friendly or sleek and modern so it is important you have an idea in mind from the get-go. Here are some ideas on how to move forward with a colour scheme you will love: Do you have a theme? Deciding on a theme is a great way to get started. Do you want a beach themed home or a country cottage feel. Once you have decided on this you can choose your colours appropriately, such as blue and white for beach and orange for country cottage. Get help from a rug: A rug can be the foundation to any room and you can draw from the colours used in the rug to inspire your colour scheme. You want to use the colours that aren’t as prominent in the rug so that your room doesn’t become overwhelmingly one colour. By choosing the subtle colours in the rug you will bring the whole room together. colour_roomDon’t be afraid of the dark: You need to spend some time really thinking about the feeling and mood you want in your home. Light colours can make everything feel very fresh however dark colours can bring depth and richness to a space. Darker colours may also feel warmer that light colours that can feel cold. Look at your artwork: Everyone has a unique taste in art and the art work you choose must’ve inspired you in one way or another. Use the inspiration in your artwork to develop your room. If you decide to choose a wall colour from your art work then choose a shade a couple of notches lighter to ensure your art will pop. Classic combos: There are some classic combos out there that just work together so well that you might as well just go for them. Why change something if it doesn’t need fixing. Examples of classic colours are: blue/white, green/blue, red/brown and so on. You can accessorise these classic combos with some punchy accents to jazz them up. Draw from a pillow: In a similar way to drawing from a rug, draw your colour scheme from a pillow and pick shades from the featured colour. If you want your pillow to pop in the room, stick to a lighter tone on the walls and bold colours on your furniture. Start with the wallpaper: A good place to start is with the wallpaper and if your chosen design has a certain tone then you can use that tone to build the room within it. If you had a subtle gold on your walls you could make the room pop with yellow, orange and brown colours. Do you have any tips for choosing a colour scheme in your home? Tell us over on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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